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Who are we? We are a group of fanatic solar panel holders who have been looking for an alternative to
Unfortunately, this has not led to a properly functioning alternative. As from 19th april 2021 Omnik has been in the liquidation procedure and is not able to pay for the maintenance fees for servers.

That is why we have decided to set up our own Omnik monitoring system that anyone who has an Omnik inverter can use! We are currently still in a test phase but you can register as an early adopter!
We are 100% separate from Omnik New Energy Co ,. Ltd. (SuZhou, JiangSu). For warranty questions contact your PV installer.

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How is this possible?

-> We ask you to make a small adjustment in the settings of your inverter. To help you, we have created an extensive instruction page to help you.
Doesn't work? Login (create an account) and use the contact form.

Is it free?
-> Yes. But we do not know what the future will bring, but our intentions are to keep it free.

Can i join developing?
-> For now we have all the knowledge we need!